Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quickies on NFL Week 12

- How I still love CBS regional coverage. Everyone in Pittsburgh got to see the Brownies/Bungals snoozer instead of Peyton Manning displaying brilliance against the Texans.
- Speaking of Houston, wha-ha-happened to the Texans? Not just today in their seemingly inevitable collapse, but last week in a brutal loss to Vince Young and Tennessee. If they had beaten the Titans last week, they'd be 6-5 (even with this weeks' loss) and still in the playoff picture.
- Who's Chris Redman?
- Josh Freeman looks pretty good as a pro quarterback.
- There are quite a few bad teams in the league this year, and they seem to always play each other. Seattle/St. Louis was the headlining U.G.H. (Ugly. Gruesome. Horrible) game of the week. And it was just that, a bad game. In other news, I was playing Justin Forsett in two fantasy leagues this week, which is AWESOME.
- I'll be the first to tell you I wasn't pulling for Vince Young when he first came out of college. I just wasn't a fan, mostly because in his extremely mediocre rookie season he got all the credit for winning games (when in reality, Vince had a completion percentage around 50% and his defense single-handedly won a few games without the offense even scoring a TD). But now, I've whole-heartedly jumped on the VY bandwagon. He's learned the ways of NFL quarterbacks and is playing at a level we'd only seen from him while he was at Texas. His "Comeback Player of the Year" story peaked with a tremendous 99-yard drive to beat Arizona on the final play. Way to go, Vince.
- Are the Eagles good? Or are they bad? I have no idea. The same goes for you, San Francisco, and you, Jacksonville.
- Ricky Williams is back...seriously.
- Someone needs to make a t-shirt that says "Aaron Rodgers is My Homeboy."
- Still no reason to believe in Dallas, Denver, or Cincinnati.

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