Saturday, November 14, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 10

Last week could be summed up in one word...dismal. I had another awful week, and this weeks games aren't getting any easier to pick.

San Francisco (-3.5) over Chicago
One of many "U.G.H." (Ugly. Gruesome. Horrible.) games this week, including loads of talented, but mediocre NFL players. Leading that list are the two quarterbacks, Jay Cutler and Alex Smith. Cutler's been awful at times this season, to say the least. But both defenses are good and I think we'll see a battle of two up-and-coming tight ends: Vernon Davis and Greg Olsen. I think both will catch touchdowns.

Jacksonville over N.Y. Jets (-7)

I haven't even heard much of anything about the Jets recently, which means that Sanchez is playing poorly enough to get himself dropped out of the media spotlight. On the other hand, Maurice Jones-Drew is putting up crazy numbers, and is helping one of my fantasy teams immensely. Jags for the upset.

Denver (-3.5) over Washington

This would be another "U.G.H." game if Washington weren't so awful. I mean, if it weren't for the Browns, I'd say the Redskins were the worst team in football. But, fortunately for Washington, the Browns exist as an NFL franchise. Denver needs to get back on the right track. Playing a pushover game never hurt anyone.

Pittsburgh (-7) over Cincinnati

The Bengals are much improved, as I thought they'd be, but I still don't think they're on the level of a healthy Steelers team. I do see this game being quite competitive, and I probably shouldn't pick the Steelers with the line as high as it is, but I have faith in Ben and the offense. But it sure will be weird with a November game at Heinz Field being played in 70 degree weather.

Tennessee (-7) over Buffalo

I watch a lot of television, especially ESPN. So when T.O. got put in Buffalo, I rejoiced wholeheartedly. That meant I wouldn't have to hear his constant whining from the spotlight in Dallas or Philly. And doesn't that make the world a slightly better place? Sports feel less pure with all his complaining.

Detroit over Minnesota (-17)

Don't get me wrong, the Vikings are going to win, but I just don't think they'll win by more than 17. Maybe 16. Or 15. But not 17 or more.

New Orleans (-14) over St. Louis

Is it me or have the Saints been a little flat ever since the game at Miami a few weeks ago? They haven't won a game convincingly since then, but getting the Rams on the schedule is a sight for sore eyes. Another noteworthy item: Reggie Bush is finding the end zone all of a sudden? That's even more surprising with Pierre Thomas in the same backfield.

Atlanta (-1.5) over Carolina

I just refuse to take Jake Delhomme until he shows me any sign of him being an NFL quarterback. First, and best way to do that? Throw the ball to Steve Smith, please. But for now, the Falcons are going to ride Michael Turner's broad shoulders to another W.

Tampa Bay over Miami (-10)

A team with a rookie quarterback, a rookie coach, and coming off their first win of the season gets 10 points? That's easy money (if I was actually a gambler, which I'm not).

Kansas City over Oakland (-2)

The "U.G.H." Game of the Year! I don't. even. care.

Arizona (-8.5) over Seattle

To begin the year, I saw this match-up as the decider in the NFC West, but now, it's only a stepping stone for the Cards on their way to another division title. What happened to Seattle's defense? A few years ago, I could always rely on the 'Hawks D to score reliable amounts of fantasy points every week, but now they're just horrid. Larry Fitzgerald...Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Philadelphia over San Diego (-1)

This is a toss up. On one side, I like what I've seen from McNabb and all his receivers, but on the other side, I think the Chargers are about due for an offensively charged (pun totally intended) game. I just don't think it'll happen this week.

Dallas (-3) over Green Bay

Every once in a while, I go with the reverse psychology pick, and this is my once in a while. Green Bay was one of my Super Bowl teams, and I really want to see the Pack start to play well, especially on defense. So I'm going to take the Cowboys, which I really (really) (really) don't want to do, but if it gets Aaron Rodgers to stay upright in the pocket for the rest of the year, I'll bite the bullet.

Indy (-3) over New England

Hopefully, and most likely, this will be a wonderful game to watch. In this rivalry, it always is. I've got faith in Peyton in this thriller. Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to the most underrated receiver in the entire league, Reggie Wayne. Seriously, what is it with Colts receivers getting overlooked in the "Best WR" discussion? First, Marvin Harrison and now Wayne. The guy's a machine.

Baltimore (-11) over Cleveland
Here's the deal. This line isn't nearly close enough to reality. So I've set my own. Baltimore minus 23.5 sounds better. Baltimore 31, Cleveland 7. The seven points for the Brownies is generous, too.

Last week: 6-7
Overall: 72-56-1

Thanks for reading.

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