Sunday, November 8, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 9

After my first under-.500 week of the season, here comes the rebound week.

Jacksonville (-6.5)
over Kansas City

But the question is: Will anyone see this game? Or, better yet, will anyone care? Both answers: No (emphatically).

Baltimore over Cincinnati (-3)

And now the Bengals begin their descent to the 8-8 mark that they deserve. Cincy has been the overachiever of the season until now, and Baltimore needs to continue to get back into the AFC North picture. Joe Flacco is a great start on fantasy teams this week, trust me.

Indianapolis (6.5) over Houston

This is one of those picks I'm going to regret in an hour's time (2:00 p.m.). I haven't picked against the Texans all season, and I shouldn't start now, but I will. Want to know why? I would argue for Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback of all-time. And I think I'd win. Watch a home Colts game and this is what you hear when Peyton is changing things up at the line. ................. You hear no sound whatsoever from the crowd, who seems like they're trying to hear every word of a beautiful theatre production instead of distracting the defense.

Atlanta (-9) over Washington

God, the Redskins are bad. And Roddy White is single-handedly saving me in fantasy this season.

Green Bay (-10) over Tampa Bay

Here's to you, Aaron Rodgers, you are the 'Pimp of the 2009 Fantasy Season'. Now if only you could get some pass protection. Or if only my fantasy team could find a ground game.

Arizona over Chicago (-3)

This is one of those horrible lines you see every week. You know, the "Horribly Underachieving getting points at the Horribly Overrated, and you still can't figure out if either defense is really any good" game.

Miami over New England (10.5)

Might be closer than we think, but this just doesn't seem like a game the Patriots will lose, does it? I really don't think that, after last years' blowout in Foxborough, that the Dolphins will EVER beat Belichick again. He might put the "Curse of the Cut-Off Hoodie" on them. It's possible. New England by nine.

New Orleans (-13) over Carolina

Jake Delhomme against a top-five NFL team? That's all. Also, I'm thinking Carolina is that team most likely to reach and take Tim Tebow in next years' NFL draft, and regret it immediately.

Detroit over Seattle (-10)

Detroit's finally healthy (somewhat) and the Seahawks have looked awful lately. For the record, I think the 'Hawks will win, but it'll be close.

San Francisco (-4) over Tennessee

I'm really pulling for Vince Young, I swear, but this isn't the time for him to win. Maybe next year, Vince.

San Diego over N.Y. Giants (-5)

Another horrible spread to pick. Rivers should have a field day against the awful Giants secondary. I'd say Chargers by seven or eight. On a side-note, LT FINALLY SCORED A TOUCHDOWN! But wait, I bet he notches less than double-digit fantasy points this week. One of those Willie Parker patented "17-for59" days.

Dallas over Philadelphia (-3)

Not buying into the Eagles yet, but then again, I don't like the Cowboys either. I smell an upset, however, and I think the Cowboys will run the ball effectively against Philly to get the win.

Pittsburgh (-3) over Denver

I like this matchup for the Steelers, but the fact that it's in Denver worries me slightly. Oh yeah, and we're playing Kyle Orton's Neck Beard. Oh crap, maybe I don't like this matchup anymore.

Last week: 6-7
Overall: 66-49-1

Thanks for readin'.

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  1. Interesting analysis indeed Mr Burkhardt. I find your insight neither shallow nor pedantic.