Sunday, July 12, 2009

News Flash! Favre won't help the Vikings

I was watching SportsCenter a few days ago, and I heard Mike Golic talking about (what else is new?) Brett Favre and the Vikings.
Seemingly every day since then, ESPN has bombarded me with news stories about Favre - every little insignificant story from "Favre talks to Viking trainer about shoulder" to today's "Favre throws for Viking trainer."
First, has anyone thought that maybe Favre and said trainer have been on a series of "man-dates" and that they have talked about his shoulder and played catch in the backyard while shooting another legendary Wrangler Jeans commercial? I'm just saying it's a possibility.
And secondly, even if Favre does come back to the NFL to play for Minnesota, I don't think this vaults the Vikes anywhere near "Super Bowl contender" status, as Golic was arguing. In fact, I would go as far to say that Brett will do the Vikings absolutely no good if he starts the season under center.
Why? Let's put it this way: last year, we were talking about Favre being the savior for a very similar situation (a Jet team that didn't make the playoffs in '07), and how did that turn out? Granted, he would be inheriting Adrian Peterson and a very stingy defense, but a closer look at the stats shows that Minnesota had the same number of touchdown passes as New York in 2008 (22), and were right behind the Jets in total offense (NY - #16, MIN - #17). This is not to mention Favre would be throwing lasers to a less talented group of receivers than what he had last year. He did virtually nothing for the Jets last year, including throwing a few of his patented spine-cringing interceptions late in games down the stretch.
This is not to say I'm not a Brett Favre fan, because I am. I just can't imagine the Vikings being a Super Bowl contender in the NFC, which is loaded with the Giants, Panthers, Eagles, Cowboys, Saints, etc. The best-case scenario for the Vikings would be a 10-6 finish, with a loss in the NFC divisional game, but I'm betting, even with Favre as their quarterback, 8-8 is more likely.

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