Friday, November 6, 2009

NCAA Big Game Pick 'Em - Week 9


Looking back at my preseason picks, I'm pretty proud of the way they're turning out. We'll see after this week, however.

LSU Tigers - 23 Alabama Crimson Tide - 13

Ok, I picked LSU for all the wrong reasons. Mainly because I want every team in the top three to lose so we end up having Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State sitting there undefeated with a bunch of one-loss BCS-conference teams. If Boise and TCU were to play in the National Championship, that would completely overthrow the system (I'd hope) and cause a real discussion about a playoff in college football. But it'll never happen.

Penn State Nittany Lions - 27 Ohio State Buckeyes - 21

Only because the game is in Happy Valley. Is it just me or do even the "big games" in the Big Ten seem anti-climactic? The best thing about this game will be the PSU White Out. And seeing JoePa get angry. (see above)

UCLA Bruins - 24 Washington Huskies - 10

Too bad for Jake Locker that the Huskies couldn't keep rolling with the momentum of that win over USC. The Huskies were such a great story, and honestly, they still are. A year after going oh-fer, Washington is back on the map, but they won't be able to win much more down the stretch. Neuheisel gets his first Pac 10 win.

UNC Tarheels - 20 Duke Blue Devils - 17

Did you know that Duke still has a chance to make the BCS? I don't want to think about that possibility anymore. Heels win.

Oregon State Beavers - 33 California Golden Bears - 24

Cal's been falling since their great start, and I don't think they'll right the ship in time to finish strong in the Pac 10. But Jahvid Best is a stud. So there's hope for the Bears.

Oklahoma Sooners - 23 Nebraska Huskers - 10

Just one of those games that makes you go..."ugh." The walking wounded against the horribly boring. I'll take Formerly-Big-Game-Bob.

Last week: 4-2
Overall: 33-16

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