Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Weekend Recap

My roommates and I had a conversation Friday about how the weekend of football would probably suck because of how fantastic the previous weekend was. Oh, how wrong could we be? Another weekend delivered more unbelievable games than we expected. While Florida and Texas played snoozers against Tennessee and Texas Tech - those two games were never really in question - the rest of the top 25 delivered great excitement from start to finish.
I'll start in Miami, where Jacory Harris was phenomenal (again) and cemented himself as a legitimate Heisman contender while the 'Canes got back to the college football spotlight for the first time in Randy Shannon's tenure. You thought Miami/Georgia Tech was going to be a close game? Me too. Was it? Not quite. Miami dominated the Yellow Jackets and left no doubt as to who is the favorite in the ACC.
Next, in Blacksburg, Virginia, the Hokies escaped (to put it lightly) Nebraska with a last-minute miracle 81-yard pass to set up the game-winning touchdown with under :30 to go. I picked Nebraska to win, and was feeling great about it, until Tyrod Taylor crushed my unbeaten streak at eight. A few more noteworthy items: 1) As we (my roommates and I) talked football while we watched this game, we all agreed that this is the year that perennial powers (Miami, Nebraska, Michigan, and, to some extent, Notre Dame) getting back into contention is fantastic news for college football, and makes the game better overall. 2) ESPN broadcaster Sean McDonough has had the best job in college football so far this season, and he hasn't disappointed. He got to call the Michigan/Notre Dame game two weekends ago, and landed the VT/Nebraska thriller this week. I get chills watching those.
In more afternoon games, Oregon finally looked like the team I picked to win the Pac-10 and beat Utah, and Notre Dame survived to beat Michigan State because of one of the worst throws in college football history. I just don't understand why every time the Irish win a game it turns into a program-resurrecting victory. HELLO! They barely beat Michigan State! They're going to lose at least three more games, and if their defense keeps playing like this, they'll lose more. It's sickening to hear sideline reporters gush over a team being 2-1. Ugh.
The only sore spot on my weekend was that I picked BYU to beat Florida State. And then the Seminoles went and put up half-a-hundred. Wow, that was embarrassing. But as a whole, Saturday was great entertainment.
The NFL didn't disappoint, either.
One moment I was mourning the loss of my sleeper AFC playoff team, the Houston Texans, when they were getting embarrassed by the Titans, 21-7. I was visibly upset. I was throwing a tantrum. And throwing books. But wait! Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson, 21-14. And AGAIN! Schaub to Jacoby Jones, 21-21! And after the 34-31 win, they're not dead yet! They still look awful on defense, and that makes me worry, but hey, I'll take the W.
Random thoughts because this is getting wordy: My Steelers lost. Can't win them all. Drew Brees is a beast. I can't believe Cincinnati beat Green Bay. The Bengals still suck. Ray Lewis could be 22 and I wouldn't even know it. Neither would Darren Sproles. Tony Romo is overrated. Tom Coughlin is underrated. And I'm starting to love Lane Kiffin.
All my teams of Fantasy had a resurgence this week, as I went 4-1 and was victorious in both my serious leagues, so I have nothing to complain about there (except, of course, the enigma that has been Brandon Jacobs, but here's to hoping he comes around).
After another weekend like that, the next one should be a letdown, right? Maybe not.

Thanks for reading.

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