Thursday, September 24, 2009

Upset Special!

So, I don't care if you believe me or not, but I correctly (verbally) picked the biggest upsets of the last two weeks in college football.
Sitting around talking about week two's games, I said that Houston (my pick to win C-USA) would beat then-number 5 Oklahoma State. And, after they did, I kicked myself for not putting the pick in writing. So what did I do in week three? I predicted Washington to beat #3 Southern Cal, and promptly left it out of my week three pick column. After those debacles, I debated whether or not to leave my "Upset Special" pick out of the column again because of the success I had with the Cougars and Huskies.
Irony's got nothing on me.
I'm taking South Carolina, and the best defense in the SEC (yeah, I said it) to beat #4 Mississippi tonight in Columbia. Final score:
South Carolina - 17 Ole Miss - 13

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