Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Problem with the Tiger Saga

     My problem is not with the Enquirer's story.
     My problem is not with Tiger's silence.
     My problem is not even with the never ending coverage of what could turn out to be a "nothing" story just because it's about a God-man who can hit a 9-iron farther than I can shoot a gun.
     My problem is that no one seems to have any respect for Tiger's family.
     For example, every major media outlet has begun calling his wife (yes, they're still married) Elin Nordegren.  Don't see the mistake?  She got married.  Her name is Elin Woods.  Nothing changes with an article from the National Enquirer.  Have some respect, please.
     I'm not saying that I have an opinion on his speculated affair.  The most I'll say is that I sure hope it isn't true, but mostly because I like to take the "Brighter Look" (hence the name of my site) on things.  I'll be the first to tell you that I do not believe ANYTHING a tabloid says.  I mean, do you?
     When you see a tabloid at the checkout counter, isn't your first reaction to read the headline and laugh?  Because they're obviously making a huge deal out of absolutely nothing.  And if Brad and Angelina don't have to respond to malicious rumors just because they're so used to them, why does Tiger?
     Thanks for reading.

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